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Environmental Studies

Sustainability is a key topic of our future generations. At our Environmental Studies Centre, we aim to incorporate sustainability as a natural part of our pupils education, with real life scenarios portrayed by our environmentally focused school.

A Sustainable Approach

Teaching awareness of Global Sustainable Developments and an introduction into the world of Renewable Energies. These are just some of the ways we envisage better preparing children for the future.


The pursuit of Green Technology Teaching and exposure to on-campus renewable energy programs will offer a hands-on learning experience and insight into the energy supply chains of the future.

Environmental Studies Centre


Our Island home will provide the ideal location from which to develop innovative and engaging programmes of study for subjects such as Marine Biology allowing students to understand how humans impact the balance of oceanic systems and how we can work to protect the unique habitats and inhabitants found in the ocean’s expanse. 


As a part of this initiative, the school will be home to a dedicated environmental studies centre which will allow students to undertake activities focusing on both local and global areas of interest and concern.


Malvern College Barbados will be committed to developing a programme of education for sustainable development and enhancing clean, green technologies which minimise our carbon footprint whilst working with our exquisite natural environment to deliver a bespoke educational experience which, it is hoped, will foster a life-long commitment to caring for the world around us.


Additionally, programmes of study and co-curricular activities will provide ample opportunity to study land-based ecosystems within an island environment, utilising trips and expeditions to compare these with the wider world. 

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